Questions to Ask Before Buying Furniture For Your Home

When buying furniture for your home there are certain questions you should ask yourself and the seller before coming to a decision – in fact before even leaving your home! One of the problems with furniture is that even cheaper items are still fairly high ticket, and you want to be sure that what you purchase is what you want. You are going to be using it for a long time! Here are some questions to ask yourself, some of which can be passed onto the furniture outlet.

1. What Furniture do I need?

Decide what you are looking for. Most people seeking new furniture have a good idea what they need. Perhaps you are replacing an old, worn out armchair or two, or need a new sofa. Maybe you need new bedroom furniture for the kids, or your elderly aunt must have a lift chair when she visits. Know what you want and buy only that.

Do not allow your head to be turned by that fabulous leather sectional with all the bells and whistles you do not really need. Don’t walk away with a fancy sofa bed if what you really needed were two armchairs and a coffee table. Also decide how much you want to spend.

2. What is my Budget?

There is furniture available for every pocket. You can spend as much on one single fully functional motion lift chair as on an entire sectional arrangement, so it is important to set yourself a budget. If price is not an issue with you, then you can skip this one, but most people cannot afford a blank check!

Make up your mind in advance how much you intend spending, and what you expect to get for that money. It’s like going into a candy store with 10 dollars, only intending to spend five but not being sure what you want. You are pretty well certain to spend all $10 unless you have decided what you want in advance, and how much you intend to spend.

3. What Style and What Upholstery do I Need?

You will save a great deal of time if you know whether you want leather or fabric upholstery. Whether you want a round or a rectangular table. Whether you want a queen or a king bed. If you decide all of this in advance you will be in a better position to buy what you need, rather than what looks nice! Furniture showrooms are full of nice stuff displayed to persuade you to buy.

Make sure you know the color, or at least the predominant color of your furniture upholstery. Is light or dark wood preferable for your décor? Do you want black leather or white or how about red, or should you just stick to the traditional brown? It’s too late to think about that in the store – your own home is the best place to make that decision.

4. What is the Quality?

There is a lot of cheap furniture around, and it can be very tempting to choose a $500 sofa over an equivalent in looks at $1,000. However, it is false economy if one is going to last only two years and the other last 10 years! Ask about quality and check out its construction. Look at chest drawers – the front back and sides should be jointed using dovetail joints. Check out the frame – is it screwed and glued or properly constructed with mortise and tenon joints?

Feel the fabric- is it thin or thick? Check the weave of fabrics by pulling at it – if the threads open up then it has been loosely woven and will rapidly wear. Ask if it is stain proof, and make sure it is fire retardant.

5. Will My New Furniture Fit my Home?

First off, can you get it through your door? Not all furniture fits all external or internal doors. Take measurements with you to the furniture showroom, and make sure that large sleeper sofa you have your eye on will actually get into the room you intend using it.

Also make sure you have the space in your room for all the furniture you are purchasing. A sectional arrangement might look fantastic in a showroom, but can you fit it all into your living room? Can you get these five pieces that make up your bedroom set actually into your bedroom? You would be surprised by the number of people who purchase furniture, and then find it cannot get into their home when it is delivered.

By satisfying yourself with above questions, you should be able to purchase furniture for your home without worrying about quality and value for money. The most expensive is not always the best, and the cheapest not always the poorest. Make sure of the above before entering furniture store.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture – Everything That You Need to Know

Fitted bedroom furniture is one of those additions to a household that can really make or break a house when it is viewed by guests, friends or family, or even how you see the house yourself. It is a great addition to any household and there are few who regret investing in a set. However, fitted bedroom furniture does not come particularly cheap, so it is important that you get all the right advice that you need to know before you make your purchase. Luckily, here in this article you will be able to find out pretty much everything you need, so read on and enjoy!

So, first things first, you need to know exactly what furniture it is that you want to adorn your bedroom with. After all, your bedroom is the place that you spend most of your time, what with those eight hours a night you spend sleeping there, so you want to make sure that you are in comfortable surroundings!

Well, the best thing to do is to do as much research as possible on what styles of fitted bedroom furniture there are out there. This can be done by searching the internet and comparing different types of furniture with each other, then selecting whichever ones tickle your fancy. When you are searching the internet for all of these differing styles of furniture, you could do a lot worse than remembering the prices and fees of all the different companies, to make sure that when you do decided on a company to go with, you know that you are getting a good deal.

Also, if you and your partner share a bedroom, then try to do as much of the searching and decision making process with each other, rather than on your own. This will definitely save any nasty arguments if someone doesn’t like something further down the road!

Concurrently, the fact that you are spending a fair amount of money on these sets of fitted bedroom furniture means that you really can call the shots. If you feel as if the company is leading you in a direction that you don’t like, then put your foot down, after all, it’s your cash that they are receiving!

Finally, it is of imperative importance that you get your fitted bedroom furniture fitted by a professional, seeing as they really do know best. Don’t get any delusions of DIY grandeur and try and do the job yourself, it will only end in tears!

Shopping For Fitted Bedroom Furniture

We all want to get a great deal when shopping for things, and furniture is such a big ticket item that finding great deals can have a real impact on your wallet. But shopping for furniture online can be tricky at best. It’s really hard to know you’re getting a good deal when you can’t examine the furniture before you buy. You need to rely on your research and the overall reliability of the online vendor. Of course, the savings can often outweigh the risks once you understand the cost savings you can get from buying bedroom furniture direct online. The good news is that with some simple tips you can have your comfy chair and sit in it too!

Here’s a really simple tip to get your online shopping going. Use price matching offers to your advantage. The biggest plus to shopping online is that you can quickly ascertain the pricing from multiple online retailers in the matter of minutes. As you are scouring the Web for offers, keep your eyes on the lookout for offers that “match any competitive price.” Some sellers will even discount their price below the best competitive offer. Pay close attention to the details, as many restrict the price matching to competitors within a certain geographic area or distance.

One additional tip is to measure carefully to make all your furniture fit. Bedroom furniture is sometimes crammed into odd spaces such as alcoves and corners, and therefore it’s critical to measure your space accurately and carefully when purchasing online. Remember that the pictures you see online don’t give the same visual feedback that shopping in a showroom does, so having accurate measurements ready to go will save you the hassle–and the extraordinary expense–of returns later.

Yet another helpful hint is to use a digital camera to take a picture of your available space and upload it to the retailers online. Many online shops have highly interactive applications that allow you to use a photo of your space and superimpose the furniture you’re thinking about buying inside it. The measurements won’t be precise, but this is a great way to get a basic gauge of how the potential purchase will fit in, both in terms of actual size and general look and feel.

If you’re purchasing fitted bedroom furniture, consider picking an online retailer who allows you to utilize and interactive fitting service. This type of operation allows you to try out different types of finish and colors and multiple arrangements and configurations to determine what works best for you.

Finally, if a new bed is part of the purchase, remember that this is the anchor of your new bedroom and the most care and consideration should go into this particular item. Think for the long-term and make sure your bed is of an appropriate size and comfort level. That doesn’t necessarily mean big, but it does mean that it fits well into the room and provides you with a great place to relax and sleep.

How to Create a Bespoke Bathroom Setting With Fitted Bathroom Furniture

When you are designing and decorating your own home, it is likely that you will want each room to perfectly showcase your own distinct sense of style. From what colour schemes you choose to the actual features you decide to include in the room, there are countless of ways to display your own interior design tastes. However, one room that some homeowners often neglect is the bathroom. As the bathroom mainly takes on a practicality over style function, some people may forget to put their individual stamp of design on the room. Luckily, there is one way you can effortlessly give the bathroom a sense of uniqueness and that is through creating a bespoke feel to the room through fitted bathroom furniture.

Fitted bathroom furniture can take many different forms, from storage drawers and shelving to cabinets and even vanity and WC units too. The great thing about fitted bathroom furniture is how it can be added in a completely bespoke fashion. The bespoke aspect of fitted furniture is ideal from both a practical and design perspective. By having the option to customise your furniture you can choose exactly how many storage units you need to suit your requirements while also having a preference over how you want the furniture to look such as through colour and finish.

The best place to start with fitted bathroom furniture is to decide exactly what pieces you require. If you already have the bathroom basics such as the toilet and the basin, then it is likely you will simply require storage units and cabinets. However, if you are looking to do a complete bathroom renovation then you could take advantage of also choosing a vanity unit and WC unit or even a combination unit which houses both the toilet and the basin. A good way of working out how much storage units you would require is to take a look at how much clutter your bathroom gathers at present and work out how much of this would easily fit into the fitted bathroom furniture that you have chosen.

You will then have to decide what particular style you want to choose. Fitted bathroom furniture usually takes on a stylish contemporary look such as in a white finish so it is important to check whether this will complement your existing bathroom setting.

It is then time to work out the overall layout of how you want to showcase your bespoke bathroom furniture in the room. It is advisable to make sure none of the furniture restricts other areas of the room as this will give off a cramped feel so remember to house units in easily accessible locations in the room.

Why Fitting Wardrobes and Furniture Makes Sense

Planning your perfect bedroom is a big step, so you need to make the most of your space. Although you want it to look beautiful, it is vital that the bedroom works on a practical level that makes it easy for you to use and enjoy.

When it comes to choosing handmade, bespoke furniture for your living room and bedroom, here is some simple advice for our customers on how to get the most out of their furniture choices.

Fitted Wardrobes
Plan your bedroom space by carefully choosing furniture, cabinets and wardrobes that fit your space. When you have a fitted wardrobe made to order, this makes the whole process much easier. Another major benefit of fitted wardrobes is that they keep your clothes in good shape and condition. Therefore you should pay as much attention to the inward design of your fitted wardrobes as to their outward appearance.

Fitted Furniture
Fitted furniture is the best way to maximise your space. Why buy a wardrobe which is not exactly the right size and waste valuable storage space between the wardrobe and the ceiling? Maximising storage space reduces clutter and makes your home look tidier while minimising the work you have to do to clean it. And who wouldn’t like the sound of that?

Sliding Wardrobe Doors
Sliding wardrobe doors improve the flow of your room by reducing the inconvenience of doors that open into walkways and get in your way. Sliding wardrobe doors can be made to measure and are the gateway to the designer wardrobe of your dreams. All good custom fitted wardrobes have them.

Walk-in Wardrobes
Walk-in Wardrobes are a real luxury, but one worth having as they make a big different to your day-to-day routine. You will be surprised how much nicer it makes you feel in the morning when you don’t have to root around in a dark cupboard for clothes that you can’t see properly. Walk-in Wardrobes are also spacious enough that your clothes never need to get crumpled or musty, as they can be hung out and displayed as they would be in a department store.

Why not get fitted furniture for your home? There is a range of stylish fitted kitchens is made in Germany by manufacturers Beeck. Each kitchen is tailored to your specifications and is supplied directly to you. With no middle man, you can get competitive prices, as well as a complete service with design, supply and installation of your new kitchen, plus removal and disposal of your old kitchen as required.

4 Garden Themes to Fit Your Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron furniture is extremely versatile and looks great in virtually any setting, lending itself to whatever your existing décor dictates. For those who are looking at a new design or re-model here’s why iron furniture, structures and accessories will grace any style of landscape design from contemporary to Oriental.


What we refer to as a cottage garden, originated in the late 1800s – a homely and functional garden for the ‘working classes,’ a mixture of ornamental and edible plants. It is a very distinctive style, informal and charming, think chocolate box. Use traditional materials – anything to give the impression of an old-fashioned, country garden. An abundance of dense, flowering plants, climbers and don’t forget the roses, will create a romantic, lush space. Wrought iron furniture fits in extremely well with this design due to its charm and elegance. Very popular in that era, an authentic cottage garden would have been very likely to include this type of furniture.


The look you are aiming for is streamlined and minimalist. Contemporary gardens have become increasingly popular as they are designed for low maintenance and look great in urban areas or for those with limited space. This type of outdoor space is more about hard landscaping than planting. A modern garden is all about bold, clean lines, making wrought iron furniture perfect. You’ll find it available in very modern, striking designs nowadays, not just the somewhat old-fashioned curls and swirls. Metal can be sculpted to form the most unique patterns and designs. It’s also low maintenance – once again fitting in very well to the modern lifestyle.


This design mimics rustic old Tuscany, the romance of France, the Greek islands or sunny Spain. Some styles are rustic and relaxed, while others are sumptuous and sophisticated. The defining characteristics of a Mediterranean garden are warmth, lushness and old-world charm. Go for lush, aromatic plants and rustic materials. Elegant, wrought iron furniture fits in well in this type of garden, combining simple and rustic with elegance and finesse. An iron gazebo or pergola is also a common feature, providing a shady spot to relax.


Genuine Oriental designs have culture, religion and traditions intertwined, taking you on a journey through mind, body and spirit. Wrought iron furniture works well here because it gives a sense of antiquity – linking the past to the future is part of the Oriental tradition. A garden is considered to be a work of art in some cultures, where they use rare-shaped, rocks, stones, moss and shrubs to represent various objects in an abstract way. A natural design, embracing the seasons, normally incorporates several elements. Water – this can be real or symbolic, rocks or stone arrangement, a pavilion or gazebo – for serving tea, a bridge or pathway and lanterns.

As you can see, wrought iron furniture offers complete flexibility. If in a few years, if you decide to revamp your garden once more, it will fit in with whatever you style you choose. You can also alter the colour and style of your cushions so the furniture will effortlessly merge into your new setting.

Avi Reisman works on the design team at Metal Design Furniture Ltd. Avi’s articles on interior design, landscaping, Iron Gazebos garden furniture, Wrought Iron Furniture and metal work are a must read for anyone considering investing in a feature piece of Wrought Iron Furniture for their home.

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